Mike Griffin

Senior Architect / Engineer

Mike is a seasoned Architect with extensive real world experience designing and building high traffic transactional distributed systems and creating high quality, reliable data access architectures. Mike has a decade of experience with not only the Microsoft .NET Framework but also most of the major database management systems. As a project lead Mike has a strong eye towards automation, using code generation techniques where possible and ensuring that the system being created is very high quality, dependable, and above all, maintainable.

Lately Mike’s focus has been on creating HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Knockout, Ajax, JSON, and JQuery based applications. Mike has found this combination to be fantastic way to create extremely responsive applications.


The Main Ones Anyway

JavaScript/HTML/CSS/JSON, Knockout, Handlbars, Dust, Boostrap, MVC/Entity Framework, Xamarin’s Mono Touch, WCF Services (JSON & XML), ASP.NET / Web Services, C# and VB.NET, Extensive use of ORM Technology, Microsoft RIA Services, Silverlight Development


Microsoft SQL Server / Azure, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Sybase, MongoDB, Microsoft Access, VistaDB