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Tiraggo – The Nomadic Architecture with full Mono Touch Support

The Tiraggo C# Architecture can now be fully generated on My2ndGeneration. In addition to full Windows support there is also full support for iPhone and iPad devices via the .iOS Mono Develop project files.


All you need to do is sign up for your free account on My2ndGeneratin, download the cross platform client, and push you database schema up to the My2ndGeneration cloud. Once you’ve done that you can simply generate all of the classes you need (only two templates need to be run, the “Custom” and “Generated” classes).

This is what a basic Tiraggo Project looks like



Tiraggo_Project Tiraggo_Project_iOS
Note: Tiraggo does support SQLite on the .iOS platform but most will probably talk to JSON Services, therefore, only the Core, DynamicQuery, and Interfaces projects are truly needed if you plan to talk to services on your server. Triaggo serialized in JSON including full object graphs.

When you generate the code be sure to configure any “Settings” by clicking on the “Settings” button. The Tiraggo templates will have have documentation for these settings within a day or so …


The ability to recall your previous settings will be implemented in My2ndGeneration very soon, it’s clear that having to set these each time you generate would be cumbersome. Thus, My2ndGeneration will automatically recall your last settings for a given template, this will be a very cool feature.

This is just a quick overview to let you know Tiraggo is ready for action. This weekend the Android Mono Develop projects will be created.

So, now you know My2ndGeneration is very capable of creating complex architectures, and as the author of the templates, I must say it’s incredibly easy to write them. My2ndGeneration is by far the best way to write templates I have ever experience and I’ve been writing code generation tools for over a decade now.

So, check it out, follow me on twitter to say in touch …

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